Hilife Allstars

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The Hilife Allstars are a collective of the cream of UK-based West African musicians who have recently come together to play some of the classic repertoire of the past 70 years of the hilife genre, plus their own originals in this style. Featured musicians so far include Nana Tsiboe, the amazing vocalist and percussionist who has played with everyone from Ali Farka Toure to Marvin Gaye; Adesose Wallace, the imposing veteran pan-African vocalist and drummer (not to mention visual artist, storyteller, educator) with roots in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria; Kodjovi Kush, bass player, vocalist and animateur extraordinaire from Togo; Phil Dawson, a British guitar player who has worked with the top artists from all 4 corners of Africa and has an unusual pedigree in this genre; kit drummer Kofi Adu, co-founder of the legendary Hilife International band. Guest artists are frequently present too; we have recently featured the amazing singer Audrey Gbaguidi who luckily for us is now resident in London, after touring and recording with the legendary Tony Allen for the last few years. This great party band works as a trio, quartet, quintet or sextet! Booking enquiries: info(at)phildawsonmusic.co.uk