I have worked a long time as a session musician and also as a specialist instrumentalist, arranger/producer and writer (Some recordings are listed here.) As well as the trio and quintet I sometimes run a band called Hilife Allstars, and am also developing a project with an interesting singer Adma Newport from Salvador-Bahia. I increasingly work in jazz-related and improvised music as well as this.

Originally self-schooled in punk, blues and mainstream rock, as well as being taught classical guitar I diversified and have mostly performed in soul/funk/hiphop, African, Latin/Brazilian, Reggae- and Jazz-related settings. I admire and have tried to copy guitarists from John McGeoch to John Mclaughlin (especially the early ‘Lifetime’ period) as well as Gilberto Gil and Joao Bosco, Ousmane Kouyate, Ebo Taylor, Cornell Dupree, Phil Upchurch, Bobby Broom, Sonny Sharrock…

I have been lucky to perform and/or record with iconic artists from the four compass points of Africa: Khaled (North); Osibisa and Tony Allen (West); Mulatu Astatke (East) and Hugh Masekela (South). This may be unique, I’m not sure… I have anyhow learned on the job from stylistic originators such as these and generally in roots contexts in a variety of genres, but cultural and genre fusion has been a big interest for me as well, as I have gigged enough times with London bands like Soothsayers, Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra, Lokkhi Terra and Cubafrobeat and continue in a variety of genres as a session player, arranger and writer for a diverse selection of labels and projects. Here’s a selection. There is a sample discography here.