My recording credits include several UK top 20s, a US No. 1 and an official FIFA World Cup Theme, but also some tasty projects in more unusual genres. Below is a sample pictorial discography, a mixture of sessions, collaborations and writing, with links being added. I also record and collaborate remotely, using great quality instruments, amps and recording gear for my guitar work. I also play bass guitar and piano and have frequently acted as a ‘one-stop shop’ for singer/songwriters developing their material; I work in Logic and Protools and of course have a wide network of top quality colleagues on other instruments to draw on to supplement my own work.

I’ve recorded hundreds of tracks as a player and have run my own commercial studio at times, giving me the background and technical experience to provide creative and well-crafted and recorded instrumental tracks. You can find a variety of my studio work on this site including compositions featuring Foley work which I also provide.

I also play more exotic stringed instruments (such as Moroccan small gunbri (lotar), dotara from Bangladesh and kamaln’goni from Burkina Faso.)

If you want to discuss music for a live or studio project, please drop me a line at info(at)